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Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass/Water Jug Display.


These display stands are supplied complete with Glencairn crystal whisky glasses which are patented and have been designed to allow the user to appreciate the 'nose' of the whisky as well as the palate while remaining both functional and beautiful.


The Glencairn Glass is to be found at every major whisky festival in the world as well as any serious whisky bar.  The glass has won numerous prestigious awards including the Queens Award for Innovation


The Glencairn crystal water jug is made of the same high quality crystal and complements the glasses perfectly.




For the serious whisky connoisseur, we have matching Glencairn crystal Tasting Caps available at a small additional cost.  These tasting caps help to contain the vapours from the whisky giving greater concentrations of the aromas when nosing.


Variations available are:

6 Glasses/6 Glasses with Jug

4 Glasses/ 4 Glasses with Jug

2 Glasses/2 Glasses with Jug or 1 Glass and 1 jug

1 Glass with jug


Available with metal, (from the original barrel hoops).